Sure Start Maternity Grant

If you are expecting a baby or due to adopt one then you could apply for a one off £500 Sure Start Maternity Grant (SSMG) payment.

This can only be paid if the expectant child is the only child aged under 16 in the household.

You have autonomy over how the money is spent, which does not have to be paid back.

Basic eligibility

You can apply for SSMG if you or your partner receive ANY of the following benefits..

It may also be possible to claim SSMG if you are claiming Child tax credit or Working tax credit. In the case of the former it will need to be at a rate which is greater than the family element and for the latter, the award will need to include a disability element.

Below is the qualifying criteria for making a claim…

  • The claim must be made within a period from 11 weeks of the due date up to three months after the baby’s birth
  • You or your partner must be a minimum of 29 weeks pregnant OR has had a baby in the last 12 weeks
  • You are living with a dependent child that is pregnant OR has had a baby in the last 12 weeks
  • You are to adopt a child under 1 years old
  • You’ve been given a parental order for a child under 1 years old
  • You are the father of a child (or responsible for a child) and have no relationship with mother

How much will I get?

The current SSMG rate is £500, which will be paid directly into your chosen bank or building society account.

How do I apply?

You can either claim online by completing this form or instead you should visit your local JobCentre Plus.

You will also need to provide a certificate that needs to be signed by a healthcare professional, such as your midwife or local doctor. This will prove you have taken healthcare advice.

Impact on other benefits

SSMG does not have an impact on calculations for other means tested benefits.