Housing Benefit

By claiming Housing Benefit you can get financial support towards the cost of paying your monthly rent

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Income Support

If you are on a low income you could be entitled to a range of welfare benefits including Income Support

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Jobseekers Allowance

Not working or working less than 16 hrs per week? You could be entitled to claim Job Seekers Allowance

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Tax Credits

Tax Credits provide extra money for workers on a low income as well as those who look after children

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State Pension

If you have reached the State Pension age then you can apply to claim the State Pension

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Child Benefit

If you have dependent children that live with you then you could be entitled to claim Child Benefit

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Benefit rules can be complicated and it can be easy to miss out on support you maybe entitled to. This site provides free help and guidance but you may also want to speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau before making a claim


Making a Claim

Guidance and useful information on how to make a new benefit claim with the DWP

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Payment Problems

Information and advice on what to do if you have had a problem receiving a benefit payment

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Appealing a Decision

Find out what you need to do to launch an appeal against an unsuccessful benefit claim

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Emergency Support

Find out what your options are to receive immediate or emergency financial support

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Useful Numbers

Contact details for the Department of Work & Pension plus relevant charities and support groups

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A -Z of Benefits

A comprehensive A -Z list of all the available UK welfare benefits (past and present)

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