Discretionary Assistance Fund

Discretionary Assistance Fund is a special fund designed to offer those on a low income extra financial support as a last resort in times of crisis or emergency. The fund only available to those living in Wales and is entirely discretionary. As it is a grant, the money does not have to be paid back, although you will need to provide detail reasons on why you feel you should be awarded an amount from the fund.

How is the fund is organised

The fund is split into two sections..

  • Individual Assistance Payment – this is designed to promote continued independent living and prevent people being forced into institutional care, such as a nursing home
  • Emergency Assistance Payment – this is for emergency situations such as fire or flood where a person may need to urgently access funds in order to pay for basic necessities such as clothes or food

What information is required to apply?

You will need to provide your name, address and NI number, income plus details of all existing benefit payments.

You will also need to prove you cannot get any additional help from the DWP and that you have already tried to apply for…

  • Budgeting loans
  • Universal Credit advance
  • Short term loans

How much will I get?

There is no mandatory amount that you can be awarded as the fund itself is run at the discretion of the Welsh government. Furthermore, once the money from the fund has been distributed it is not replenished until the next financial year.

How do I apply?

To apply online click this link and complete the online application form.

To apply by post write to…

Discretionary Assistance Fund, PO Box 2377, Wrexham, LL11 0LG

To apply over the phone call free

0800 859 5924