War Pensions Scheme

The War Pensions Scheme (WPS) is designed to help ex-military service personnel who have suffered an injury whilst serving in the armed forces. It can also provide help for the partner or husband/wife of someone who died serving in the armed forces. The money is either paid as a one off payment or as a weekly pension income.

Basic eligibility

Those who have served

If you sustained an injury before 6th April 2005 and have left the armed forces then you could be eligible to claim. If however your injury occurred after 6th April 2005, then you could instead get financial help from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Spouse/Widow of those who have served

You could be in line for a War Widow or Widowers pension if your partner died as a result of serving in the armed forces before 6th April 2005. However you cannot claim from the WPS if you are receiving a bereavement benefit.

How much will I get?

Those who have served

The amount you get will depend on what percentage level your disability is scored at. The minimum amount score you must obtain in order to receive a weekly pension amount is 20%. Any less than this score and you will instead get a one-off lump sum.

Spouse/Widow of those who have served

The WPS includes a widow or widowers pension provision. There are two rates, lower and higher. You will get the lower rate unless…

  • Your bereaved partner/spouse/husband was the military rank of Major or equivalent


  • You’re over 40 years old


  • You’re under 40 bit get child allowances


  • You’re under 40 but cannot financially support yourself

How do I apply?

To start a claim, download this form from Veterans UK or alternatively you can call them on 0808 191 4218.

You may need to supply supporting documentary evidence if requested, such as medical certificates or reports.

When will I get paid the money?

Your claim should be dealt with within 52 days. Successful claimants will either get a lump sum or the weekly awarded pension amount.