Statutory Adoption Pay

Statutory Adoption Pay is a minimum amount your employer must pay you when you are on adoption leave from work.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to claim you must have worked for the same employer for at least 6 months and be matched by an adoption agency to adopt a child. You must also earn on average above £113 per week.

You must give your employer proof of adoption AND at least 28 days notice that you are going on adoption leave.

It should be noted that for couples, only one person can claim this benefit. However, your partner could be entitled to claim Statutory Paternity Pay instead.

Should you fail to use up all your SAP your partner could potentially claim the rest of your allowance.

How much will I get?

First six weeks

90% of your weekly earnings before deductions

Next 33 weeks

£148.68 a week OR 90% of your weekly earnings before deductions, whichever is the lower amount, paid for upto 39 weeks.

After 39 weeks


Impact on other benefits

Counted as income when calculated alongside other means-tested benefit claims BUT not included as part of the Benefits Cap.