Disabled Facilities Grants

If you are disabled and are intending to adapt your home for easier access than you could be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grants. Typical home improvements include bathroom or kitchen improvements/alterations.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

Payments are discretionary and are awarded by your local council, so contact them for an application form. It is advisable to not make any changes until you have submitted a formal application.

The money will only be paid AFTER the work has been completed and then inspected by the council to ensure it has been done in accordance with the terms of the grant.

Your property will need to be inspected and then assessed by an occupational therapist who will make a judgement on what you might need.

How much will I get?

The maximum amounts available are shown below…

  • England – £30,000
  • Wales – £36,000
  • Northern Ireland – £25,000

The amount you will get will depend on the level of income and any savings of the disabled person, regardless of whether it is the disabled person themselves who is applying or not.

If your income or savings fall below the test limit you will not have to contribute towards the cost of the building work. However, if your income or savings are above the test limit, you will have to make a contribution.

The first £6,000 of savings are ignored.

Means testing is not done if the work is for a child under 19 who is eligible for child benefit.